Time for a small fix...

TL;DR: The "Back" button is gone as to avoid the "Did I choose the wrong answer?" frustration or gaming the system.

So, I've disabled the "Back" button on Zuckered, and here' s a small bit of context behind this choice.

It's related to the "there' s no wrong answer, trust the story" design choice I've gone for - and how TWINE deals with variables. 

So, mind that this features very mild spoilers from the very beginning of the game.

  • You will always find certain solutions on the last place you look, no matter the order you go for on eventual replays.
    • This is just to convey the self-contained passage of time on that room
  • Sometimes, you'll need to cover all the available choices on a passage before the right one hits.

So, long story short: I've disabled the Back button to avoid frustration due to my variable hijinks. Feel free to comment below.


- Jigu

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